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Seeing this Saturday. Fuck yeah.

(I know I know as a socialist I shouldn’t like it but I do)

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My birthday was a week ago, tomorrow (its monday while I’m typing this). My friend got me a Bacon cookbook, with recipes for dinner, brunch, snacks, and fish. Oh and how to make your own bacon.

I’ll post pictures of the book and anything I make (probably on instagram too).

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My Life Rules Pt 2

9. Every man needs a well fitted suit.

10. You require sleep.

11. Fish is a vegetable that can swim.

12. Hamburgers: Medium rare. Well done? Order chicken.

13. Shopping for clothing is an enjoyable task for anyone.

14. To each according to his need from each according to his ability

15. Music is not a commodity to be traded like stock.

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Holy shit this music is amazing and also this game AAAAHHH

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u evr stay up at night thinking bout how capitalism is ruining your life

Yes, as well as everyone else’s (who isn’t in the capitalist classes).

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Best Explanation of how Socialism would work

This uses the specific example of an iPhone and what it would look like”

the iPhone as a gadget could be a poster child for production for exchange value not use value. But at the same time many of us could probably agree it has some use value. What would an iPhone produced for use value look like? The first thing that comes to mind is it would be a device designed and built to last a long time. So not a device you had for a year and traded in for a new slightly modified version. So that probably means it has hardware which is upgradable and swapable. The social meaning of the device would probably be different. A snob value a legitimate social use value? iPhones are a marker and reflection of class position. So again production on the basis of exchange value. That value is only real during a brief moment after the item has been released. After a few months, it is so last years phone. Worthless.”

Exchange value: capitalist (IE: how can I make money from this?)

Use value: socialist (how is this useful for life?)

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  • 5 days ago

I’m back!

So I found this video of the closing of the border between Pakistan and India and it is the weirdest fucking ceremony for a border ever. People line up and sit down in bleachers on both sides to watch it happen.

What the hell

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